we supply safe, quality, synthetic and natural sourced

ingredients for daily chemicals mainly in Detergents,

Disinfectants, Soap, Body Wash and Cosmetics.


Daily use Chemicals, also called as Household chemicals,are non-food chemicals that are commonly found and used in and around the average household. They are a type of consumer goods, designed particularly to assist cleaning, house and yard maintenance, cooking, pest control and general hygiene purposes.

Household cleaning products provide aesthetic and hygiene benefits, but may cause health risks. 

Labeyond Chemicals mainly supply safe, reliable, quality synthetic and natural sourced ingredients for daily chemicals in following products:

·Air freshener

·Drain cleaner
·Hard surface cleaner

·Insect repellent
·Toilet rim block
·Body wash

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About us

Labeyond Chemicals Co., Ltd.Is a China-based chemicals supplier & trusted partner. Founded by Mr. Hunter Guo in 2013, we mainly deal with Daily chemical,personal care products . Our products have been suppling to many countries and areas like India, Middle East, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Germany etc. Majority of our staff are Chemistry or International Trade background, for this reason, our professional services are recognized and applauded by more and more esteemed customers.

why choose us ?


one stop Integrated supply

Labeyond provides one-stop integrated supply of chemicals, to save duplicated work and expenses for our principles. We work on adding value to customer on the other hand.


uncompromised quality

We believe that quality is everything. It is the single most important factor in all our decisions, from what sources we purchase, to how we deliver them to you.


delivery on time is greater

On-time delivery is always the main concern in our side.We work with more professional logistic agents, and our staff are 24-hours watching the proceeding.


chemistry must be respect

We respect the Chemistry, for what we love. Majority of our staff are Chemistry related background. We work deeply in chemical industry to cater to your requirements.


Disodium succinate

Food additives 99% Disodium Succinate Succinic Acid Disodium Salt Anhydrous


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