1,3-Butanediol glycol CAS NO.107-88-0

Specifications:cosmetic grade
•High-temperature stability
• biological origin process
• Odorless
• Non-irritating

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Items Unit Specifications
Appearance  Clear liquid with no suspended matter
1,3-butylene glycol w/%  99.5
misture w/%  0.5
color Po-Co  10
Specific gravity 20/20 1.004-1.007
Refractive index 20 1.4390-1.4410



· Used as a humectant, antibacterial agent and solvent in cosmetics and it is applied to cosmetic water, cream, lotion, gel, toothpaste and other products;
· It can also be used as a moisturizer and softener for textiles, tobacco and papers, and antibacterial agent for cheese or meat;


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