Kojic Acid

Product Name: Kojic Acid

CAS: 501-30-4

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Packing: 1kg/Bag,25kg/Carton



COA Kojic acid


Compared with benzoic acid, sorbic acid and their salts widely used in food additives, kojic acid has the following advantages: it is easily soluble in water, which solves the problem that preservatives such as sorbic acid and benzoic acid need to be dissolved in organic solvents before adding to food. Problem; it is not used by bacteria, and has stronger and wider antibacterial power, while sorbic acid has weak antibacterial power and is easily used by bacteria, and can only work when it is sterile; heat stable, can be heated together with food to kill bacteria, while sorbic acid is volatile when heated; pH value has no significant effect on the antibacterial activity of kojic acid, while sorbic acid and sodium benzoate weaken the antibacterial activity with the increase of pH value; kojic acid is not irritating to humans and can inhibit nitrous acid Salts generate carcinogens, while sorbic acid is irritating to human skin and eyes, and can generate carcinogens in the presence of nitrates.


In Cosmetic: Can strongly inhibit the formation of skin melanin,Can effectively treat freckles, age spots, pigmentation, acne, Kojic acid and its derivatives are used as whitening agents in the cosmetics industry, and can also play a role in antiseptic and moisturizing.
In Food: Kojic acid can be used as a food additive to play a role in preservation, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation


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