CAS NO.: 3380-34-5
Molecular Formula:C12H7Cl3O2
Formula Weight:289.54
EINECS No.:222-182-2
Appearance:white crystalline powder, slightly aromatic or phenolic.
Melting Point:56-60 °C(lit.)

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Triclosan is a highly effective broad-spectrum antibacterial agent, which has a wide range of killing and inhibiting effects on infections or pathogenic gram-positive bacteria and negative bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses, as well as antibiotic resistant bacteria and non-antibiotic resistant bacteria. It has strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effects.


Oral hygiene products+Sanitary antibacterial soap+Tableware detergent+Disinfectant for medical devices+Fabric antibacterial finishing agent+Antibacterial polymer products


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